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Securely submit your Earnest Money Deposit to JDMTITLE

What is earnest money and why does it matter?

A payment to show the home seller that the homebuyer is sincere about buying.

When do I pay an earnest money deposit?

The timing of your payment is generally stated in your contract. In most cases, earnest money is due simultaneously with, or shortly after, the contract is signed by both buyer and seller.


Where does the earnest money go?

Typically, earnest money is held by a third party escrow holder. This may be a title company, a real estate office, an attorney’s office, or any other party designated in the contract.

How does Earnnest make your home buying experience easier?

JDM TITLE LLC has partnered with Earnnest to allow you to pay your earnest money digitally using any bank, at any time, from anywhere—even your couch! Digging out your checkbook and driving a check across town to escrow is now a thing of the past.

Earnnest payments are:
• Secure and private—we never store your information
• Available with any bank, any time, anywhere
• Safer than checks and cheaper than wires
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